Aditya Narayan


WOW.js is a javascript framework to allow certain elements to animate when they are revealed. The website for Robotix 2016 that is being developed over Django CMS required WOW.js to add animation. Django CMS on the other hand wants us to create plugins to add such effects to a page. This led to the development of a new plugin for Django CMS, the djangocms-wow.

This plugin allows user to apply custom animations from a list of 30 preset animations to any element on a page.

It took me an entire night to get it working. I eventually attained over 95% coverage with tests that worked fine for Django CMS==3.0.x but failed for DjangoCMS==3.1.x. However, the plugin was seen to perform consistently well over all versions of DjangoCMS>=3.0.

The website for Robotix 2016 will see the development of many such plugins tailored for our use. Keep watching this space for more updates.

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